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Keyword/URL tracking
AtomTrack tracks four different aspects of your website. First one is keyword tracking. It tracks the conversions from keyword level. Not only that, it tracks which keywords falls under what SID at what time and vice versa. You can specify cost and commission and the tracking will show you complete profit/loss stats and you can also download positive and negative keywords in excel format. You can track any kind of CPA campaign such as CPV, CPC, banner or email campaigns.

SID Tracking
SID tracking also known as source id tracking helps you to identify the specific placements or sometimes the traffic sources. It is integrated in such a way that you can find profitable SIDs for a date/time range. It can show you what SIDs falls under what keywords for a give date or time. You can then pause non-profitable SIDs and increase your overall ROI.

Graphical Tracking Graphical tracking shows a line chart with your earnings and expenses for a given date or date range. You can easily visualize and find if a particular campaign is profitable over a period of time. The curves would also help you identify the profitable patterns.

Hourly Tracking
This is very important as it has been noticed that conversion rate is affected by the hour of day. With the help of hourly tracking, you can find what hours of the day are profitable. You can select a wide range of date to confirm the profitable or loss hours and activate or pause your campaign during those times.

More Features

Split Test Offers & Campaigns
Easily split test multiple offers, campaigns or URLs. You can edit the URLs and share % on fly. Ajax enabled so easier to create unlimited rotation profiles within minutes.

Inbuilt URL Scraper
The inbuilt URL scraper can scrap URLs from various sites such as alexa, google, yahoo etc. You can enter upto 5 URLs from where you want to scrap the URLs. For CPV you may need alot of URLs so this tool is very helpful in that case.

Fraud detection
The inbuilt fraud detection mechanism shows you a pie chart for top 5 traffic contributing IPs. If a same IP is generating way too many clicks or continuous views, then it could be a sign of fraud traffic. For example, if you get around 1000 views from a single IP in case of CPV/PPV traffic or 50 clicks from CPC traffic then it could be an indication that it is fraud or bot traffic.


Signup and Download

You can check the demo of AtomTrack pro tracking here. Installation and usage instructions can be found here and tutorials and screen-casts here.

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Split test multiple offers using direct link campaign

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