Pro Tracking

Self hosted Pro Tracking version

Track every PPC, PPV/CPV or banner/email campaign at one place

Split test offers, campaigns or any URLs

View aggregated profit/loss report for a campaign for any chosen date range and/or hour

View aggregated profit/loss report for a keyword for any chosen date and/or hour

View aggregated profit/loss report for a SID for any chosen date and/or hour

Create and track direct linking campaign easily with free exit page

Various screencasts to help you with creating campaigns, URL scraper, URL rotator or using tracking control panel.

View and download positive or negative keywords in excel report format with profit/loss column

View positive or negative SIDs for a given period of date/time

View what SIDs contributes toward the  traffic for a particular keyword and vice versa

Fraud detection shows the fraud IPs in case of fraud or bot traffic

Full conversion reports for every keyword, SID for any hour and/or date range in tabular and pie chart format

Sort by any page views or conversions for any keyword or SID.

Hourly traffic and conversion report. Select a wide range of date to confirm the profitable or loss hours and activate or pause your campaign during those hours.

Graphical tracking shows the profit loss report in graphical form. It shows a line chart with all your earnings and expenses for a given date or date range.

Scrap 100s of URLs from major sites such as Google, Yahoo or Alexa etc.

Download and use our URL Rotator as self  hosted application so no need to share your landing page URL or offer URLs. You can rotate multiple landing pages or offer / thank-you pages for a single landing pages. So multiple path split testing is possible with it.

Plenty of resources like wiki and online support to help you. Get answers to your questions FAST! with optional tech support.